Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The diminishing music sales a myth – part 3

Music sales 2005 in million USD
Music Video602.2
DVD Video 539.8
Mobile. ring tones etc421.6
Download Single 363.3
Download Album135.7
LP/EP 14.2
Vinyl Single13.2
DVD Audio11.2
CD Single10.9
Download Music Video3.7
Cassette Single0

CD sales are 4.5 times larger than the all others combined.

Surprises: Vinyl singles and LP/EP sales that much!? Wow! Who’s buying that stuff? My record player has collected dust the last ten years.


Blogger Olah Örtengren said...

The consumtion of music has increased by many hundred percents over the last few years but the total sales figures for the music industry is only about 20 percent for the same period.

This is very wrong. Don't you agree?

Artist, musicians, moviemakers, authors and companies that produce and distribute music and movies get robbed by greedy pirates that earn money by giving their art, music and movies for free.

This is very wrong. Don't you agree?

5:53 PM  

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