Tuesday, June 20, 2006

MPAA forced Swedish Government to raid PirateBay

According documents published by SVT.se (Swedish Public Service TV) the U.S. government forced the Swedish government to shut down ThePirateBay.

The documents published by SVT shows that John G Malcolm, Chairman of the Motion Picture Association of Amercia, MPAA, sent a letter to the Swedish Minister of Justice Thomas Bodström, requesting the Swedish government take action against ThePirateBay, refeering to a meeting in last year.

April 10 The Swedish ministry of Justice answered that the Swedish government “will not hesitate to initiate further measures.”

May 31 Swedish police raided ThePirateBay. (Washington Post)

It is interesting to note that the United States Department of Justice (US DOJ) can declare Sweden non-compliant in copyright enforcement, which would allow the US to place trade sanctions on Sweden.

I dislike piracy as intellectual property rights is a base for modern society. But the Swedish police, and now the Swedish government, have acted incompetent and unprofessional. Ministerial government is illegal in Sweden. (When the government orders the administration to do something in a particular case.)


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