Saturday, April 22, 2006

Innovation Journalism program started in Slovenia

Slovenian mineral water available at the conference that tasted like the smell of my shaving soap. Quite original. More photos from the conference.

I was invited as a key note speaker to the “Stanford po Stanfordu” innovation journalism conference at the University of Ljubljana 20 April. I’m very impressed how far and fast the program in Slovenia is moving. They got hold of the concept less than a year ago and have now signed a Letter of Intent for the Innovation Journalism program with the University of Stanford by the University of Ljubljana and the Technology Agency of Slovenia (TIA). And I find myself an honourable advisor to the program.

Slovenia is a small country (2 million citizens), but small countries have also its advantages. Sweden is often a test lab for new technology, and Slovenia is a perfect test bed for this concept. When you get people interested in a topic you can really get all levels of society to cooperate.

Most of the conference was in Slovenian, but there is a conference blog in English. The discussions were mostly on the same topics as we have in Sweden.

There are four daily newspapers in Slovenia, selling no more than 240.000 copies. Slovenia traditionally has good journalism schools. The faculty of journalism at Ljubljana University where the conference took place has been around since the 1970’s. It was the first in all former communist countries. The media legislation in the Republic of Slovenia is surprisingly modern, almost like the Swedish. The constitution is explicit in giving the right to obtain ‘information of public nature’, given a ‘legal interest, based on the law’. More here:


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It really was a great event... Jan, David and the Swedish Ambassador in Slovenia just added the needed sparkles to get the global view... and the project as "Innovation Journalism" is, needs all the time the global perspective... the conference was organized from the idea to the actual execution in 9 days. That is one of the reasons why we had so many people in the room that cared, over 100 of them… they had to respond quickly and they did based on the inner impulse.. felt somehow related to the topic… they felt that they could contribute something… the major conclusion is that there are substantial gaps between the businesses and media and the academia and media… on a content level… we need to care and dare more from all levels, to explain, to listen, to try to do the best possible… since the innovation and the innovation processes are today the primary forces for growth and prosperity, this is a good topic to narrow the gabs in the society and connect people on the core elements of our existence – relationships… and the relationships build new networks and the networks steer creativity and the creativity is delivering innovations, and the innovations allow the communities to prosper and the prosperity allows more time for quality relationships…..Violeta

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