Sunday, April 09, 2006

KTH starts Swedish Innovation Journalism Initiative university programme

KTH Learning Lab, part of the School of Scientific Information and Learning, will start Sweden’s first university programme in innovation journalism in 2006. The course is aimed at for working journalists and others who possess important skills and knowledge. The goal is to provide commissioned education in Innovation Journalism corresponding to 5 university credits.

The participants will get knowledge of the different players in innovation system and processes and their different ways of reasoning, analysing and behaving. Participants will also receive training in assembling complex information from different sources in order to create a realistic holistic view.

Parallel with the lectures, each participant will plan, carry out research and write articles dealing with innovations and innovation systems. Alumni from the Innovation Journalism Fellowship program will comment and provide critical feedback during participant work processes.


Blogger Andreas Breiler said...

This is wonderful news! Hopefully this will give Innovation Journalism a much needed boost in the near future.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Jan Sandred said...

The organization:
Academically responsible: David Nordfors, Senior Research Scholar at Stanford Center for Innovation in Learning. Programme leader for the Innovation Journalism programme at Stanford, run by SCIL in co-operation with VINNOVA.
Pedagogically responsible : Mats Hanson, director KTH Learning Lab and assistant dean at KTH responsible for undergraduate infrastructure.
Project leader responsible for course : Mats Nyberg, Educational research and development at KTH Learning Lab and journalist, JHS and IHR.
Subject specialist : Jan Sandred, VINNOVA, founder of Biotech Sweden
Course administration: Margareta Bergman, Academic Administrator at KTH Learning Lab.

6:15 PM  

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