Wednesday, June 21, 2006

MPAA and the Swedish government – part 2

The story continues. Today the Swedish Minister of Justice, Tomas Bodström, confirmed that the recent police action against Swedish file-sharing website ThePirateBay was prompted by pressure from the White House on the Swedish government.

The U.S. embassy in Sweden warned the Swedish government that if they did not act, the U.S. government would put Sweden on the WTO warning list for countries non-compliant in copyright enforcement. Podcast from Swedish Public Radio (Real Audio).

Also Expressen, one of the largest Swedish evening paper, reveal that the MPAA hired a Swedish private detective to spy on Tobias Andersson, Piratbyrån, the political party (sort of) behind ThePirateBay.

It’s beginning to look like a B-movie.

(Don’t get me wrong. I still think intellectual property must be protected, within reason.)


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