Sunday, January 29, 2006

New counter

I changed website visitors statistics to Blog Flux. I especially like MapStats, that provides both the normal statistics and graphs, but also Google Maps. Anyone can instantly see where the latest visitors are coming from, and find out what they are looking for. Nice. The only problem is that you have to start counting from scratch.

Swedish Radio’s Mozart podradio

I don’t know if this is innovative in the strict sense, but I think it is very foresighted and progressive.

On Mozart’s birthday Friday 27 January the Swedish Radio started pod casting live recorded music from their huge archive. We’re talking about 25 hours of music by Mozart performed by Swedish artists in the first series of pod programmes. The first batch will feature historical recordings from the Royal Opera House, Stockholm recorded during the 1940th and 1950th. First is a performance of “Don Giovanni o l'empio punito” – Don Juan. Podcast xml link, 138 kbp/s. More info here. (Only in Swedish, unfortunately.)

The Swedish Radio is first in the world. At least they claim so. Still pretty cool for a public radio giving away free music. And tons more intelligent than all the pathetic shouting from RIAA about lost revenues.