Saturday, January 30, 2010

iPad – Good hype, Apple. Bad job, NYT

iPad – 14,800,000 hits on Google. Good hype, Apple.

Steve Jobs showed the New York Times home page in the iPad at the launch. The newspaper had the world’s best marketing opportunity and they chose to do ... nothing.

You couldn’t get a better demonstration of the Big problem in the news media industry. To sell their material on tablets, they have to adjust all parts of their digital strategies. Consumers simply don’t use the tablet’s browser to get the same content free on the Web.



Blogger Catarina said...

Very good point. Everyone keeps saying that newspapers and magazines are in a crisis but i don´t see them putting a lot of effort into adapting to the new forms of communications. And it's not like they aren't being given a chance. Devices like kindle, Ipad or even websites/blogs aren't supposed to be in competition with the traditional press or worsen the situation (has a lot of people see it), for the contrary, they are creating the perfect situation for newspaper to offer what consumers are looking for, nowadays.

Therefor, these two diferent forms of communication are supposed to complement each other. The problem is that a lot of people still see it has a competition and/or are afraid of "loosing".

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