Friday, May 22, 2009

The Music Industry Does Not Deserve To Survive – Part 2

I was surfing for the monthly music download at random. And as usual I got the message “This album is unavailable for download in your country (Sweden) at this time.” *sigh*

OK, you oligopoly morons. I want to buy the record, I have the money, but you do not want to sell. What do want me to do?

Until you give me a credible answer, I’ll go to TPB and download the stuff. They are the only one who provide what I want to buy. And presently free of charge. Sort of.

How hard can it be?

The music industry does not want me to buy. They definitely do not deserve to survive.

(And anyway, I got the LP so I already bought the record once. So when exactly did Emerson, Lake and Palmer become cool? Oh… right. They didn’t.)


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