Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hey, people actually pay for music!

AP Telegram: “Throughout his career, Colombian rocker Juanes has insisted he doesn't need to sing in English. Hefty pre-launch online sales from his latest CD, ‘La Vida es un Ratico’ (Life is Just a Moment) prove him right. Universal Music says he has sold more than 6 million digital songs – from legal Internet vendors and mobile phone downloads - from the CD before its Tuesday release.”

Hear, hear. People actually paid for music.

It’s interesting to note that the music publishers have never used anticopyright rhetoric. It’s the record companies that whine. No wonder, they own the distribution chain.

Instead of the useless lawyer gymnastics with consumers, why not get smart and change you business model? But, as I have said before, the record companies are guided by lawyers and accountants. No wonder most of them are losing money. What’s needed is success stories like this one, to persuade them to buy into the digital marketplace.


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