Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vanity Fair and the Pirates of Sweden

Here they go about the Swedish sin, although not portrayed as a nude blonde, but as long haired bitTorrent junkies looking to get cool shit for free.

The six pages (in the printed magazine) long article about the Pirate Bay.

Nothing new, really, but as usual with Vanity Fair, it’s a very well written story.

In summary: There are new business rules. “Piracy” is a business model, that is. The harder you push people to go in one direction, the harder they'll push in the opposite direction. Nice try MPAA, but you only waste your time and effort. I have written my points here.

The power of the MPAA lobbying is seen in the statement in the preamble of the Vanity Fair article “... if Hollywood wants to stop online pirates—who cost the industry some $7 billion in 2005—it needs to join them, not beat them.” is just wrong. The piracy doesn’t cost the industry that much – it is only an estimate of the potential loss of income.


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