Thursday, July 28, 2005

Roundtable discussion “The Future of Innovation Journalism”

I just participated in the roundtable discussion “The Future of Innovation Journalism” at Stanford. We discussed the future of innovation journalism – the shapes it may take, the business models it may have, the readerships with which it may interact, and how it could work as an "engine for enabling society to understand and manage the changes brought on by innovation". The debate also included the interaction between technological advancements and new media development. Very interesting and surprisingly creative discussion, probably due to that there were both journalists and techie gurus, as well as innovation analysts around the table. The discussion was videotaped by Stanford University Television (STV) and will be published in some weeks time.

Participants (excluding myself):

  • Amy Bernstein, Executive Editor, Business 2.0
  • Lee Bruno, Senior Editor, Red Herring
  • Dan Gillmor, Founder, Bayosphere
  • Anders Lotsson, Computer Sweden, Innovation Journalism Fellow w. Business 2.0
  • Frances Mann-Craik, President, Addison Marketing, and Columnist, Tornado Insider
  • Harry McCracken, Editor-in-Chief, PC World
  • Tony Perkins, Founder and Editor, AlwaysOn Network; Founder, Red Herring
  • Dr. Vinton G. Cerf, Senior Vice President, MCI.
  • Dr. Whitfield Diffie, Vice President, Sun Fellow and Chief Security Officer, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Menlo Park
  • Richard Allan Horning, Partner, Tomlinson Zisko LLP
  • Dr. Charles Wessner, Director, Program on Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The National Academies.
  • Prof. Stig Hagström, Co-Director, SCIL, Stanford University. Fmr Director, Xerox PARC and President Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.
  • Dr. David Nordfors, Program Leader, Innovation Journalism, Stanford University.


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